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2Gbps Coming To The D

2Gbps Coming To The D Not so long ago, Comcast was leaving Detroit. Now, the embattled cable provider has announced it is ramping up its 2 Gbps fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) campaign in Motown. FierceTelecom reports that Comcast will bring its Gigabit Pro service to about 1.5 million homes in Michigan. The service provider said it will offer Gigabit Pro to residential customers in Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Jackson and Lansing. Tim Collins, senior vice president of Comcast Cable’s Heartland Region, said in a release that the company’s move into Michigan is designed to address “tech-savvy residents who have a need for even faster speeds.”

Similar to other markets where it has announced plans to deliver Gigabit Pro, homes that live in near Comcast’s fiber network will be eligible to get Gigabit Pro service. Customers will have to have a technician install an optical network terminal and related equipment at their home for the service. In addition to the metro-Detroit area, Comcast plans to offer 2 Gbps service in Benton Harbor and St. Joseph (as part of the Greater Chicago region).

Comcast has not yet disclosed what it will charge for the Gigabit Pro offering. The author cites a DSL Reports article, Comcast was planning a $299 per month price tag for the service, which would make it much more expensive than Google’s $70 per month Google Fiber service or AT&T’s (NYSE: T) $120 per month charge for its gigabit services. However, it’s unclear if Comcast will adhere to that pricing when it does launch service.

The article says today, Comcast charges $399.95 a month for its 505 Mbps tier. An Ars Technica report said Comcast’s 2 Gbps service will cost less than that. It also said that all 505 Mbps customers will be upgraded to the new Gigabit Pro service. As the MSO tries to work out pricing, it decided to delay the initial May release of the service to a new, undetermined date.


Lets be honest, the real hero here is Dan Gilbert and his RocketFiber project. As has been the case where Google Fiber has gone in, the other players suddenly show an interest in that market. I predict a win for RocketFiber, because Mr. Gilbert’s people understand customer service and Comcast hates its customers.

GOP Ordred to Gut FCC Over Net Neutrality

GOP Ordred to Gut FCC Over Net NeutralityThe courts turned down big Telecom’s demands to immediately kill Net Neutrality and some how the Internet still works. In response big Telecom’s House Republican stooges continue their war against consumers and the open Internet. The telecom lackey’s have buried riders in a 156-page budget bill that would stop the FCC from enforcing the Net Neutrally regs until courts decide several challenges to them.

AccordingGOP Ordred to Gut FCC Over Net Neutrality to FierceCable, the GOP’s 2016 Financial Services and General Government Appropriations bill, unveiled recently, contains three riders buried in the budget are rules that

  1. Prevent the FCC from enforcing its net neutrality rules, pending what could be years of litigation
  2. Cut the FCC budget by $73 million
  3. Prohibits the FCC from regulating rates for both wireline and wireless Internet services

Harold Feld, senior VP at Public Knowledge, in a responding statement told FierceCable:

Political bossWorst of all, the Appropriations Committee ban on FCC enforcement that ‘directly or indirectly’ regulates prices would prevent the FCC from performing even the most basic consumer protection action, such as the recent FCC enforcement against wireless carriers requiring them to refund charges for services customers did not order or had discontinued.

Public Knowledge VP Feld concludes:

The Appropriations Committee would rather declare open season to rob American broadband subscribers with overcharges and ripoffs than allow the FCC to do its job.

Ralph Bach has been in IT for fifteen years and has blogged from his Bach Seat about IT, careers and anything else that catches his attention since 2005. You can follow me at Facebook and Twitter. Email the Bach Seat here.


Net Neutrality – We Win

Let the lawsuits begin!

Net Neutrality - We Win

In addition to the lawyers, lining up to squash Net Neutrality, Michigan’s own Fred Upton—who holds personal investments in AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon—has introduced anti-Net Neutrality legislation that eliminates the FCC’s authority to regulate internet service providers and could crush the agency’s ruling and allow AT&T (T), Comcast (CMCSA) and Verizon (VZ) to rule the Internet at our cost to grow their profits.


I have already seen an ad on BrightHouse cable from Broadband For America, (whose membership page is empty) claiming that the FCC ruling will force them to raise taxes. Here come more imaginary “Regulatory re-captureprofits fees.

For right now, this is a rare win for the 99% in post 9-11 ‘murica. Just follow the money.

Ralph Bach has been in IT for fifteen years and has blogged from his Bach Seat about IT, careers and anything else that catches his attention since 2005. You can follow me at Facebook and Twitter. Email the Bach Seat here.


Quicken Fiber Coming to the D

Quicken Fiber Coming to the DCrain’s Detroit Business is reporting that real estate mogul, Lebron James’ boss, founder and chairman of Quicken Loans Inc., Dan Gilbert announced the formation of a new a Detroit-based high-speed Internet provider to bring service to downtown Detroit –  Rocket Fiber LLC. Mr. Gilbert (@cavsdan) tweeted:

Rocket FiberYes,it’s true @RocketFiber coming to downtown Detroit in near future. Fast as Google or faster. Details in a few weeks pic.twitter.com/fTPRSbauoN

Mr. Gilbert formed Rocket Fiber LLC in 2014. He called the company a “community investment initiative.” Matt Cullen, president and CEO of Rock Ventures, called the new network “the generational leap forward” – leapfrogging where the city is at this point. It’s starting in the downtown and hopefully spreading out to the neighborhoods. There is some interest along the riverfront.Fiber Optic Cable

The first wave of installations will happen in the downtown area between the Lodge on the west, I-375 to the east and I-75 to the north. Rocket Fiber will expand services to residents and businesses in Midtown Detroit along the Woodward corridor.

Crain’s reports that construction is already happening on the “advanced fiber-optic network.” The system will use on hard-wired fiber-optic lines that will be connected to buildings. Users will connect devices in their homes or businesses by either an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. An outdoor Wi-Fi offering also will be available, Rock Ventures said.

Rocket FiberThe effort is not entirely altruistic. Undoubtedly part of the project will be to connect the Quicken campus downtown to the new Corktown technical center Bedrock is building at Rosa Parks and Porter which includes a 10, 000-square-foot server room.


Mr. Gilbert is doing something ATT or Comcast could or would not do. – I worked on a job in the City to bring in 12 AT&T (T) POTS and Comcast (CMCSA) Business circuits.

Quicken Loans Data Center - Curbed– OMG – It took ATT a week to get the last three POTS lines in and Comcast projected 6 months to install a city block away from Ford Field and 100 yards from a known working drop. (and now they are going to stop service in Detroit). Thankfully 123.net was able to get the customer up on working on time and budget.  

Ralph Bach has been in IT for fifteen years and has blogged from his Bach Seat about IT, careers and anything else that catches his attention since 2005. You can follow me at Facebook and Twitter. Email the Bach Seat here.

ISPs – Brits Speed U.S. Squabble

ISPs - Brits Speed U.S. SquabbleBritish Telecom has announced its plan to transform the UK broadband landscape from superfast to ultrafast. CircleID reports that the company plans to deliver much faster broadband for homes and small businesses via a widespread deployment of “G.fast” (G.9701) — a technology the company will pilot test this Summer. G.fast is aimed to help BT deliver ultrafast speeds of up to 500 Mbps to most of the UK within a decade. Deployment will start in 2016–2017, BT says.

US broadbandThe day before, the FCC announced that they have re-defined the meaning of broadband in the United States. Under the new definition, US broadband has changed from a measly 4 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up to an anemic 25 Mbps down and 3 Mbps up. There will be little impact for the end user, because this is just gooberment posturing. This will put the US in some low rank internationally. While the UK global telecom giant BT sets its sites on 500 Mbps. The FCC’s presser states that the ruling is meaningless. Their own document says:

… its 25/3 benchmark as a standard to measure the progress of broadband deployment. However, the benchmark is not a minimum speed requirement and does not prevent broadband service providers from advertising or describing slower service as broadband.

Follow the moneyNot surprisingly, 100% of US ISP’s are against this redefinition of broadband the cable lobby is opposed to the FCC’s plan. Ars Technica reports that the Telecommunications Association (NCTA) wrote in an FCC filing Thursday (PDF) that, “Customers do just fine with lower speeds.”

In addition to the CableCo lobby’s opposition, PCWorld reports that Republicans blasted the FCC report and new definition of broadband.


The Register notes how little things have changed. Haters are going to hate. In 2008, Commissioner Robert McDowell opposed increasing the speed definition of broadband from 200Kbps to 768Kbps. McDowell today represents Washington DC law firm Wiley Rein and appeared last week in Congress arguing that the FCC should not introduce net neutrality rules.

Do you want Comcast in charge of the web? Support net neutrality.

Ralph Bach has been in IT for fifteen years and has blogged from his Bach Seat about IT, careers and anything else that catches his attention since 2005. You can follow me at Facebook and Twitter. Email the Bach Seat here.