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Who Rules the Internet?

Who Rules the Internet?Singapore based ISP Vodien published an infographic which lists the 100 highest ranking websites in the U.S. by traffic, according to website analytics company Alexa. There are over 1.1 billion websites on the internet, but the majority of all traffic actually goes to a very small number of firms. Seven companies control 30% of the top 100 web sites and the related web traffic.

100 highest ranking websitesNot surprisingly Alphabet controls the most popular sites on the web, Google and YouTube. Surprisingly, Microsoft controls the most sites in the top 100. Redmond controls seven of the top web properties including recently purchased LinkedIn, Bing and Microsoft.com. For a long time, MSFT’s online efforts were a disaster. That seems to have changed with Azure, but I still hate Bing. According to the Vodien infographic Alphabet controls four of the most popular sites.

The Visual Capitalist points out that Google.com gets an astounding 28 billion visits per month. The next closest is also a Google-owned property, YouTube, brings in 20.5 billion visits.

Facebook (FB) controls two of the most popular web sites; Facebook (#3) and Instagram (#13).

Jeff Bezo’s firm Amazon (AMZN) directs four popular web sites;

The infographic says Verizon (VZ) now controls the Huffington Post (#49) and AOL (#59) and will control Yahoo (#5) and Tumlr (#12) if the deal closes in 2017 Q2.

Reddit.com comes in at #7 and Reddituploads.com is #61.

Online retailer eBay comes in as the #8 website.

POTUS favorite Twitter (TWTR) is the 9th ranked website and t.co is #25.

Video streamer Netflix comes in ranked #10 by Vodien.

Microsoft (MSFT) controls 7 of the top 100 web sites with recently purchased LinkedIn at #11, Live.com #14. so-so search engine Bing is #17, followed by Office.com (#23), Microsoft Online Services (#24), MSN (#37) and Microsoft.com (#41).

100 Websites that Rule the Internet


The consolidation of all of this web traffic is troubling. The current administration is going to allow online firms to sell all the personal information they collect to the government, data aggregators or anybody else to make a buck.

Ralph Bach has been in IT for a while and has blogged from his Bach Seat about IT, careers and anything else that catches his attention since 2005. You can follow me at Facebook and Twitter. Email the Bach Seat here.

Bad Passwords Crippled the Web

Bad Passwords Crippled the WebFollowers of the Bach Seat know that passwords suck and now default passwords really suck. In fact default passwords seem to be a key part of the massive DDOS attack disabled large parts of the Internet on October 21, 2016. The cyberattack targeted Internet traffic company DYN. DYN provides DNS services for many high-profile sites. Some of the sites effected by the attack on Dyn included; Amazon (AMZN), Business Insider, New York Times, Reddit and Twitter (TWTR).

Chinese electronics company Hangzhou Xiongmai webcamsSecurity researcher Brian Krebs, whose site, krebsonsecurity.com, was one of the first sites hit by a massive 620 GB/s DDoS attack, has reported the Mirai botnet was at the center of the attack on his site. CIO.com reports  ‘Mirai’ can break into a wide range of Internet of Things (IoT) devices from CCTV cameras to DVRs to home networking equipment turning them into ‘bots’. CIO reports a single Chinese vendor, Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology made many of the devices used in the Mirai attacks.

Level 3 Communications says there are nearly half a million Mirai-powered bots worldwide. To amass an IoT botnet, a Mirai bot herder scans a broad range of IP addresses, trying login to devices using a list of default usernames and passwords that are baked into Mirai code, according to US-CERT. The Mirai zombie devices are largely security cameras, DVRs and home routers. Mr. Krebs identified some of the specific devices.

Mirai Passwords

root123456ACTi IP camera
666666666666Dahua IP camera
admin1111Xerox printers, etc.
admin1111111Samsung IP camera
admin7ujMko0adminDahua IP camera
adminmeinsmMobotix network camera
adminsmcadminSMC router
root(none)Viviotek IP camera
root00000000Panasonic printers
root54321Packet8 VoIP phone
root666666Dahua DVR
root7ujMko0adminDahua IP camera
root7ujMko0vizxvDahua IP camera
root888888Dahua DVR
rootadminIPX-DDK network camera
rootankoAnko Products DVR
rootdreamboxDreambox TV receiver
roothi3518HiSilicon IP Camera
rootikwbToshiba network camera
rootjuantechGuangzhou Juan Optical
rootjvbzdHiSilicon IP Camera
rootklv123HiSilicon IP Camera
rootklv1234HiSilicon IP Camera
rootrealtekRealtek router
rootsystemIQinVision camera, etc.
rootvizxvDahua camera
rootxc3511H.264 - Chinese DVR
rootxmhdipcSenzhen Anran security camera
rootzlxx.EV ZLX two way speaker
rootZte521ZTE router
ubntubntUbiquiti AirOS Router

US-CERT says the purported author of Mirai claims to have 380,000 IoT devices are under its control. Some estimate the botnet has generated greater than 1Tbps DDoS attacks.

DDoS attacksWhen Mirai botnets are called upon to carry out DDoS attacks, they can draw on a range of tools including ACK, DNS, GRE, SYN, UDP and Simple Text Oriented Message Protocol (STOMP) floods, says Josh Shaul, vice president of web security for Akamai.


Followers of Bach Seat already know that many of the default passwords used by Mirai are among the worst and should have been changed already. They include:

  • Password
  • 123456
  • 12345
  • 1234

While reports say Chinese vendor, XiongMai Technologies equipment was widely exploited, other notable tech firms are included. The Mirai zombie army includes equipment from Xerox (XRX), Toshiba (TOSBF), Samsung (005930), Panasonic (6752) and ZTE (763).

I wrote about security cameras being compromised as part of botnets back in July here.


Ralph Bach has been in IT for a while and has blogged from his Bach Seat about IT, careers and anything else that catches his attention since 2005. You can follow me at Facebook and Twitter. Email the Bach Seat here.

Seinfeld Explains Facebook’s Success

Reddit has a Seinfeld clip from 1992 that proves that explaining why Facebook, and all social media, is such an irresistible life-resource hog.


Seinfeld Season 04 Episode 07 The Bubble Boy

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Congress Prepares to Destroy the Web

Stop SOPAThe Stop Internet Piracy Act (SOPA) legislation being debated in Congress has the potential to destroy the internet as we have come to know it. If passed, SOPA would require internet providers to block access to sites in other countries hosting stolen intellectual property (IP) from the U.S. It also puts any site that has even an accidental link to a protected intellectual property (IP) at risk for legal action according to the BusinessInsider and many others.

DetroitMichigan Democratic congressman John Conyers Jr, husband of convicted Detroit City Council bribe taker, Monica Conyers, not only supports SOPA, but was a co-sponsor of SOPA (H.R.3261) according to ProPublica.

Conyers support of SOPA may have been purchased for $158,574 in campaign contributions in 2010 from the Computers/Internet and TV/Movies/Music industries according to ProPublica. This is an increase of nearly $14,000 from the 2008 election cycle.

Electronics Frontier FoundationStolen IP is a very broad and vague term. Most the leading Internet sites rely on user-generated content and links that might have protected IP on them. BI predicts that some of the web’s favorite sites may cease to exist because of the bill Conyers sponsored.

Which sites? The BusinessInsider asked anti censorship advocacy groups like the Free Software Foundation, the Electronics Frontier Foundation and the Participatory Politics Foundation for some answers and they projected the following (This is NOT a comprehensive list).

Reddit logoThe experts say Reddit is a forum for linking to and commenting on content, and it’s all user-generated. As a result, some users are going to post or link to content that don’t have the rights to. Both of those are big no-nos for SOPA according to BI. Alexa ranks Reddit #115.

The virtual artist platform deviantART attracts 45 million unique visitors per month. The site allows emerging and established artists to exhibit, promote, and share their work on the web. It makes the SOPA hit list because if an artist infringes upon a copyrighted work, both the artist and the site may be subject to legal action. deviantART will have to closely censor what is uploaded on the site says BI. Alexa ranks deviantART #131.

ebay logoThe virtual auction house and e-commerce site eBay (EBAY) makes this list because of sellers who use the site to distribute counterfeit merchandise. The article says the site does discourage selling these types of items with policies on IP. Alexa ranks eBay #20.

Amazon (AMZN) could also be at risk due to sellers who attempt to distribute counterfeit goods. Alexa ranks Amazon #9.

Etsy logo Etsy, the virtual marketplace of over 800,000 active “shops” is threatened by SOPA because it allows users to buy and sell handmade or vintage items, art, and supplies according the BI. Etsy faces risk from SOPA because it will have to monitor the handmade goods it offers. If an IP holder claims to be harmed by any activity on the site, Etsy could be forced to suspend their service. That would harm all the vendors on the site and not just those accused of IP theft. Alexa ranks Etsy #162.

The BusinessInsider says YouTube is at risk from SOPA despite its effort to keep keep pirated content out. If copyrighted works are found on YouTube by an IP holder, it could mean a suspension of service. SOPA will further censor the kinds of content the YouTube community can upload. Alexa ranks YouTube #3.

Facebook Facebook also makes the experts list because if one of it’s 800 million users shares a link to a copyrighted work or to a site that is accused of infringing IP, Facebook could be held liable as well. SOPA will likely force Facebook to further monitor and censor its users. Facebook is ranked #2 by Alexa.

Like YouTube, if copyrighted works are found on Flickr by an IP holder it could result in the suspension of service. SOPA will further censor the kinds of content the Flickr community can upload. Under SOPA, any copyright violation complaint made could suspend both the site and its revenue streams according to the article. Flickr is ranked #42 by Alexa.

WordPress logoOver 70 million people use WordPress to publish their blog. WordPress faces risk by SOPA because the bill could mandate the site further monitor and censor the bloggers. If a WordPress site is accused of violating IP protected works or a commenter links to a copyrighted work, BI predicts that could potentially shut down all the blogs hosted on the site. WordPress is ranked #18 by Alexa.

Over 40 million people use Tumblr to share photos, poems, posts, and other creative content. Tumblr faces the same threat as WordPress according to BI. If a blogger or commenter uploads or links to copyrighted works, then Tumblr and its users could be at risk. Tumblr is ranked #40 by Alexa.

Vimeo logo Vimeo is a video sharing website and has a reputation for being the place where creative types in the video and film industry upload their original work. However, given the user-generated nature of the site BI says, Vimeo still faces risk from users who include even a portion of copyrighted material in their film. Vimeo is ranked #11 by Alexa.

Big name sites that the experts say a at risk from SOPA include:

Google (GOOG) ranked #1 by Alexa.

Yahoo (YHOO) is ranked #4 by Alexa.

Wikipedia ranked #6 by Alexa.

Twitter ranked #10 by Alexa.

Microsoft‘s (MSFT) Bing is ranked #26 by Alexa.

The BusinessInsider concludes that the real victim of SOPA would be the startups (which Conyers says SOPA will save jobs)whose innovation will be restricted by this bill. Smaller websites may not have the lawyers to fight a bill like SOPA and other sites may not consider launching at all for fear of prosecution.