Why Your Brain Craves Coffee

Why Your Brain Craves CoffeeFor a long time, the man has held us down. They used their science and medicine to tell is that ingesting coffee, or more accurately the caffeine in coffee, was bad.

Freddie Mercury drinking coffeeTimes they are a changing we no longer have to justify drinking coffee to anybody. Recent research carried out by many free-thinking independent medical professionals from universities and health care institutes has shown that actually, caffeine has many benefits to our bodies and minds.

The caffeine present in our daily coffee can help us to live longer, have more mental ability and focus, fight depression and even help us to lose weight. What’s not to love about the nation’s favorite drink?

Fed up of justifying your coffee freedom to the man? This infographic from Dripped Coffee gives use 13 reasons why our brains carve coffee.

Dripped Coffee - 13 Reasons Why Your Brain Craves Coffee

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